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Ladder Term Life Insurance

Stellar prices, no hassles
Advantages include:
Apply in 5 minutes
No brokers or added fees
Flexible coverage
Monthly price depends on age, gender, tobacco use, health condition, coverage amount, and term duration

Life insurance is right for you if:


You have a family that depends on you

Your loved ones look to you for financial security

You have a mortgage or carry debt

Help to ensure that your family isn't burdened with paying off your balances

You don't have sufficient savings to pass along

Leave behind a financial safety net for your family
What can my family use the life insurance payout for?

Your life insurance payout can be used for:

Home mortgage
College tuition
Living expenses
Burial expenses
Existing debt
Medical bills
+ any other expenses they might have

Stride has partnered with Ladder to help you find coverage that works for you.

Ladder is a great option for families: simple, affordable, and straightforward. No upsells or fees.