Injury insurance – Get reimbursed for medical bills

Get reimbursed up to $20,000 each time you’re in a covered accident, whether you’re on or off the job. Enroll in 90 seconds today and coverage begins the next day.

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Spot Injury Insurance

24/7 worldwide injury insurance plan


 per month
Price may vary by state.

Starts at $25/month for up to $20,000 in coverage

Works whether you have health or not

If you are in a covered accident 3 times, that’s up to $60,000 in coverage

No deductibles and cancel anytime
Coverage is underwritten by Pan American Life Insurance Company

Injury insurance is best for people who:


Are underinsured or uninsured

An injury can be a detrimental financial blow if you don’t have health insurance or you have an extremely high deductible.

Live an active lifestyle

Injury insurance is especially helpful for those whose jobs require them to drive or ride bikes often.

Don’t have permanent benefits from their job

Injury insurance is great for freelancers and gig economy workers who do not have traditional benefits from their employer.
1 in 8

people seek medical attention for an injury.

(Injury Facts, 2015 Edition, National Safety Council.)
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Stride has partnered with Spot to provide you with affordable injury insurance coverage.

Spot is the perfect companion to have your back on or off the job. Spot policies protect you and your wallet from unexpected injury and the medical costs that come with them.