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Protect your paycheck from disability

Stride partners with Assurity to give you access to income protection insurance that helps you cover your bills if you’re unable to work due to a total disability.

Getting hurt is scary. Losing your income is scarier.

As an independent worker, you depend on your work to cover your day-to-day expenses. Any disruption to your regular income could be a challenge for you and loved ones who depend on you.

Simple application.

Simple application.

Complete the application online and Assurity will take it from there. There are no medical exams and the majority of applications receive an instant decision.

Weekly payments to manage your bills.

Weekly payments to manage your bills.

After a 14-day elimination period, weekly payments are made to you so that you can pay your day-to-day expenses if you become totally disabled.

Customizable coverage for all budgets.

Customizable coverage for all budgets.

Typical disability policies can be pricey. Two different plans are available and you get to choose your coverage amount and benefit period to meet your budget needs.

Is income protection right for you?

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This product is best suited for you if:

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You are primaly self-employed, even if over multiple jobs

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You have been self-employed for at least one full year at the time of application.

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You work an average of at least 30 hours per week (all self-employment combined)

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You have an annual income of at least $14,400 (all self-employment income combined)

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Some reasons you would not qualify for this policy:

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You have been a self-employed worker for less than 12 full months

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You work less than 30 hours per week on average (all self-employment combined)

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Your total annual self-employment income is below $14,400 (all self-employment combined)

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You are primarily employed as an entertainer (this includes “influencer” professions), pro athlete, state government worker, military member or longshoreman

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You are a resident of New York

Choosing between Accident Only or Accident & Sickness

Accident & Sickness

This product is not available in New York. It offers higher cost coverage, but is more comprehensive.

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Accident Only

This product is not available in California or New York. It offers the lowest cost coverage, but covers fewer situations.

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You might be wondering…

Can I sign up for income protection / disability insurance at any point in time?

Yes! There are no special enrollment periods for income protection / disability insurance, so you can enroll at any point.

What is the difference between the Accident Only Policy and the Accident & Sickness Policy?

An Accident Only Policy will pay out only for a total disability caused by an accident or injury. The Accident & Sickness Policy is payable in those circumstances as well as a total disability caused by sicknesses (ex. COVID-19 or cancer). Note that only the Accident & Sickness Plan is available to California residents.

What information do I need to apply?

To complete the online application, you will need basic information about where you live, what job(s) you work, your total income for all jobs and a general idea of your regular day-to-day expenses. Please note that you will also need to list a physical address (P.O. Boxes cannot be used). If we are told that Assurity needs any other information from you to complete the underwriting process, we’ll reach out to you by email.

How much does income protection / disability insurance typically cost?

Cost depends on a variety of factors (like your state of residence, primary occupation, age and income) as well the amount of coverage you want, the term of your requested coverage and whether you want to be covered for Accident & Sickness-related disabilities or just Accidents. The online application will tell you exactly the price you will pay for the coverage you select. Premium payments are made on a monthly basis through credit card or bank account auto-pay.

How much coverage can I get?

You can choose a weekly coverage amount with a maximum benefit of 60% of your net income, up to $600 weekly.

If I enroll and I experience a disability, how do I get paid?

If you become totally disabled, contact Assurity at 800.869.0355 ext. 4484 or visit to begin the process. If your claim is approved and the 14-day elimination period has been met, you will be paid on a weekly basis via check or direct deposit, up to the number of weeks you selected at enrollment (13 or 26 weeks) or until you are cleared to return to work by a physician, whichever is sooner. All benefits are provided in accordance with all policy provisions.

Why is it important to have disability insurance?

Disability insurance ensures you will have a partial income during times when you are unable to work your current job due to a total disability caused by an Accident or (if applicable) Sickness. Your health insurance will cover your medical bills, but disability insurance will help you pay for all of the other expenses in your life that don’t stop just because you have to.

What can I use my disability insurance to pay for?

Your disability payments can be used to cover rent/mortgage costs, utility bills, car expenses, childcare costs, groceries, medical deductibles/copays and any other expenses you have in your day-to-day life.

Are the payments I receive from this coverage considered taxable income?

As long as the premiums are paid with after-tax dollars, benefits may be tax-free. Please contact your tax advisor for any questions regarding the tax implications.

Why did Stride partner with Assurity over other disability insurance providers?

Many individual disability products are designed for those in W-2 roles, which isn’t applicable to most Stride members. Assurity is offering the Stride community access to this important coverage specifically for independent workers, at price levels that match your budget.

This policy may contain reductions of benefits, limitations and exclusions. Standard Limitations and Exclusions are available on the Assurity application website. Product availability, features, rates, limitations and exclusions may vary by state. For costs and complete details of the coverage, please contact your insurance representative or Assurity to review the policy for more information. The state specific policy form is the ultimate authority for any questions about this product.

Policy Form No. I H2016 and, if made available, associated Form Nos. R I2019, R I2020, I R2021, R I2022, R I2023, R I2024, and R I2025 are underwritten by Assurity Life Insurance Company, Lincoln, Nebraska.