Protect your paycheck from disability

Get at least $500 a month when you can’t work due to long term injury or illness.

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Disability Income Insurance is right for you if:


You rely on your income to maintain your way of life

Your income supports your lifestyle and is your most important asset

You have a family that depends on you

Your loved ones depend on your income to live

You can't afford to be out of work

You have little in savings, and any disruption in your income could be a challenge

Is the average length of a disability claim. Your savings account can't support you if you're not working. Disability insurance can help.

Council for Disability Awareness, Cornell University, 2014

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Breeze Long Term Disability Insurance

The easy way to protect your paycheck
Quick: Apply online in minutes
Convenient: First-class customer support
Affordable: Personalized plans starting at $9/month

How does it work?

This is Meg.

Meg is a freelance designer, but she falls in the bathtub and breaks her arm and can't work for 9 months.

With her Disability Income Insurance

Meg will get
every month


Meg's monthly income
x 60%
Disability income insurance covers
= $1500
monthly benefit for 8 months, after a 30 day waiting period

Was Meg's story helpful for you?

What can I use the disability income insurance benefit for?

Use your disability benefit for:

Rent or mortgage
Food and groceries
Car expenses
Loan payments
Living expenses
Medical bills
+ any other expenses you want to spend it on!

Specially for self-employed

Breeze policies are a great option for self-employed: simple, affordable, and straightforward.

Tax-free benefits that are up to 60% of your monthly income
Use cash benefits to cover your living or medical expenses so you have peace of mind while you recover. Benefits are tax-free if you pay your premiums with post-tax money.
Cash paid to you for up to 1 year upon total disability, after elimination period
Once you can't work, disability income insurance pays you monthly for up to 1 year so you can get back on your feet.
Independent workers are eligible for coverage
Are you a freelance writer who also drives for Uber? Part time real estate agent? Designer? Tax attorney? Disability income insurance may cover your independent work.