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Term Life Insurance from Ladder

Stellar prices, no hassles
Advantages include:
Apply in 5 minutes
No brokers or fees
Flexible coverage
Monthly price depends on age, gender, tobacco use, health condition, coverage amount, and term duration

Life insurance is right for you if:


You have a family that depends on you

Your loved ones look to you for financial security

You have a mortgage or carry debt

Ensure that your family isn't burdened with paying off your balances

You don't have sufficient savings to pass along

Leave behind a financial safety net for your family

How does it work?

example persona

This is Maxine.

She is a freelance writer with a husband and a kid. They recently bought a house and Maxine wants to ensure her family's financial outlook in the off chance that she passes away.

With her life insurance

Maxine will get


Outstanding mortgage
Kid's college tuition
Other debt
= $250,000
Life insurance benefit payout

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What can my family use the life insurance payout for?

Your life insurance payout can be used for:

Home mortgage
College tuition
Living expenses
Burial expenses
Existing debt
Medical bills
+ any other expenses they might have
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Stride has partnered with Ladder to help you find coverage that works for you.

Ladder is a great option for families: simple, affordable, and straightforward. No upsells or fees.